I am success!

Many people talk about success, they create way’s how to achieve it and they even dare to say that something else is not success. People nowadays become obsessed by “having success”. They learn how to smile, how to walk and how to act in order to have a chance to reach a pick of it. They struggle, they fight and they gather “enemies” .. if they don’t have people to hate they will be hated for “their success”. They search for confirmation from other to tell them where their dream are heading …. “Am I working well to my own dream?!” But what is really success?

Success is an invented term…is actually an innate value of each human being! All traumas and all the struggle comes when you need to achieve it. YOU ARE BORN WITH IT! You create all this drama and lack of joy because you do not surf with you own success. That is why most of the time people are not feeling fulfilled, pleased when they want to do something – to create – and they always run to “other” for confirmation. Kids know they are success..they just act and they don’t care about other people opinion. They just play!All the suffering and missed goals is because all individuals try to achieve something they need to recognize and start to build ..develop.

You were so tiny when you first got in this world and with success you exceeded passing all your adversaries and reach to the big round womb. There you got the success to divide in million’s of cells and create this brilliant human body and as well successfully you breathe. Trying to get something that you already are (and BIG time) is like denying what you already are and the Universe will keep on reminding you to start as you need to. You don’t need to achieve nothing ..but we need to develop. We need to realize what we are and from that point we start to Become even a greater success!

Be the success my friend and start playing with your greatness!

I know that I am!

The are many programs running inside us .. many beliefs which drives us in many directions. Many concepts that split our being and make us feel like we are unhappy, does not allow us to feel truly fulfilled and as soon as we finish a project or an action we need to start something else or repeat something on and on until we judge it as dependence..vice! I would like to share with you as much as I can from how I see the life…we need a program to start running the main game named Life..and we are all connected to the same Source. The same Power runs into us and gives Life to whatever you are .. pay attention: whatever YOU ARE! meaning that it gives more and more power to the program that is already running. The present program is one of separateness, duality and focus on what is out of us.

You are already a master!

Never be scared to take decisions in your life…don’t follow the perfect one. There is no such as perfect decision but there is courage and trust..mostly in you and then in your love ones! Follow what you are and what you love…you can always start with what you wish -maybe will not drive you the the right and perfect road but for sure will drive you to yourself. There is no such bad decision there is only discovery. Don’t be afraid to take your decision! Don’t be scared.. the only perfect decision is to trust yourself and and respect everyone and love as much as you can. You can always believe that you are not good for nothing or you are not able but there is always space for you everywhere..you just need to take the perfect decision to trust yourself. You already make things right but you just need to take a look at the things you are already doing, these things maybe are not something to be proud of for this perfect moment but you just need to stand with me for  a moment and not lose me. You see you are already a piece of mastery, of art but you are focused without even being aware of that, in negative mastery…

Between the opposite sides

I am a normal person ..maybe..I do not know exactly but many times I feel people’s eyes glazing on me. I do not wonder why I just know I am magic. I always felt different and if I take a good look on the past I was somewhere between the sides. I always had the ability to get along with both sides of opposite and many times make them to get on a agreement. Maybe I was strange for them for just being able of understanding in a way the both of them, I knew what other wanted to say in their own way. This position over my life putted me in many weird situations since the part I was in to and with, they always talked about the other ones…how weird and strange they are and asked me how can I get along with them, why? This happen for the other side as well ..”how man? why…when did you?”I was sometime given them the word, approving their statements afterwords making them feel disappointed and sometimes even angry or aggressive on my own sacred space…I felt the hurt of this position of my understanding well in my body, in my life, the feeling and the expressions of both opposing sides smashed me, running from one side to another sometimes just for being bored or for fun…sometimes for need…sometimes I just had too…

But understanding the both sides and being liked by each of them as well as being hurt, I was also felt taken cared on. I had the luck of knowing them very well by close look even having the same behavior almost transforming myself in one of them…you could swear! I eaten with the goods and I eaten with the bad’s..and they all laugh and cheers and took care of each others..the best way they knew! They all used to say : “Man this is so nice! You are a nice guy…u are a good man!” And I always asked myself : “As seeing themselves so different, why they see me all as same, both of opposite sides have the same feelings over me?” I was feeling love from both opposite sides and that gave me a lots of joy …much more then trouble I made with them…..as knowing them so well and so closely I automatically developed a sort of self protect mechanism that somehow made me lie them sometimes and hide myself on them when seeing the other opposite side..and this brought anger inside! Even that they didn’t knew, they felt it …they felt it in their bones shaking as a broken one…in their every heart beat : “DONT LIE TO ME!!” they use to scream! “Why the fuck this happen? they cannot KNOW!” …but they felt! And I use to just wonder between the opposite sides with my own drama without understanding myself but knowing them so well…”They are hurting Me!” I use to say…

At a point, as I reflect, I pushed the limit between the opposite sides. I was so in love in only one single piece of the good part..maybe a few other them and simulate the appreciation for the rest of good one’s…I started to make the good part pissed off while hanging out on the back with the opposite side. This brought me a sort of stability and maybe lots of money…having the impression that I “take care” of that little piece (and little crumbs) of the opposite side. I handled it for a while, baptized in the illusion that being a good hep, I can be a victorious ..a champion..the best of all   of them! You have the impression that you sleep safely with the knife under your pillow. Is just stressful …and get so comfortable too…to much in the same place…”make the decision” I said to myself..

At that point I was no longer in the middle …I was still knowing both of the opposite sides, but only fell in love with one…ignoring the other and..stop helping them to get along between them and have agreements..laughing with them. I was using the opposite side on my own benefit to only feed a small part the other opposite sides..I did not understood at the time but    this is not between them anymore! At a moment I was feeling like losing everything…the small part that seemed everything to me…I was chased by both of the opposite sides   because of me  understanding so well them and    taking advantage of them both…they were pissed off…chaos was in me! “What to do now..I am alone!”

I learned because I somehow had an inside knowing, not feeling the need to run on the face of fight with the opposites sides. I endured them both because I knew! I knew what I done and I was not willing to run on that side too. I kinda embraced the moment knowing that I cannot run of my own knowing ..of my very own shallowness that I use them both. But even that I knew them both and knowing that was wrong using them both in a lost way, I did not knew why I was feeling so wrong..so empty. I was just feeling it and asking my self what can I do with this and why I cannot know this one little thing that relates with both of the opposite sides. One little thing that got me so much to question about…to wonder..to ask…to feel…what drove me to know this? But at that moment I started to observe myself and see that my very own questions seems to develop in front of my eyes as useful information of many kinds…wisdom and knowledge of the very Own Mighty GOD that Created All That Is is present and I just feel connection, but at the moment I was still confuse about the conflict between opposite sides and feeling their consequences in my very own space…my feelings and senses seemed crushed …but the conflict was gone…their were just the consequences .  I was not knowing anymore, but feeling    at first what was the result of my own true acting of primordial self…my own rebellion over something that I was so well knowing but lees feeling….loving too much and taking a lot of advantage. I was in that first space again but until the mud was to set the waters were unsettled. I was sometimes forced to feel being pushed by one opposite side into another..I was knowing them but somehow feeling tired of them..they were so predictive, I could see thru them all both sides…see their real laugh, their true joy’s..their cowardliness or their unceasing feeling of revenge..desires…I was so tired that sometimes those feelings seemed my own ones. I was just wanting to stay alone without my knowing of them but feeling of myself.

During time I was, lets say started to educate myself by knowing one thing that was worth trying at that moment of now..what is the best of me related to the expression of myself on using the opposite sides? How can this make me feel really better without making anymore anger of the opposite sides over me and not provoke hurt in them. The only place I had to go it was in my own space…that is everyone’s place…I was smiling and thinking that they need to have the same pure desire for joy and peace on this never ending agreements. Too many choices everywhere and many times even between the opposite side there were people confused which is which    too much knowing was telling my own experience somehow seeing the outcome of it. Between the opposite sides started to be again a plain feeling   a sort of security developed instead of feeling to hide and lie. The consequences were over and I was starting to see the result being between.

Nothing seemed very special about outside    maybe sometimes   in the crowed someone can feel me caring my own line    my own feeling with trying to know everyone of them but just being eager to feel one true part of them. I just stay sometimes and wonder that this ride was so miraculous and starting to be highly magical only by feeling my own life pulsating inside my very own vanes  Is not the same me but the feeling is more deep, without using words   without knowing anymore about me and all the opposite sides I just feel them knowing their goods in their very own hearts …  in their very own hearts. Now I just wish them well  wish them all the goods they need and beautiful dreams to come true for them….coming from the place that I cannot use words yet ..that place that manage to make all that trouble of using the opposite sides in my experiences is still quiet  but deeper now   not feeling the need to know        just be! Everything is in there   as same  maybe as me    as magical as them. The sacred place is deeper and do not use words but it does speaks and a way that sometimes makes the opposite sides love each others..smile and kiss and sometimes yell. Scream and cry and swear and fight …wanting to revenge of not knowing of the unknown      knowing to much of not needed…over one side and another! Is just a dance seen from afar … like a mirage      because they know too much on their own. I just stopped a while ago between the lines and start to feel …  just this I want to know!

I started to meditate some time ago when sides were mean and angry …were thirsty for revenge of being so strictly judge as one and the other, that the opposite sides started to mix between them and make me wonder,  I just closed my eyes and leave them fight and watch them fade. See their points and shut up  be still. As the One place that does not judge the other, mediation speaks in a language that is only felt by a true listener…the kind of listener that can see the all picture of a divinely scene by only listening birds singing and specs of lights     in a shadowed room. It speaks with beats of heart moving you up and down riding with your own breath   your most precious gift that does not use words as well. You can only feel her life pulsating blood to your vanes. In moments of peace it infuse you imagination and move your energy discovering parts that you really are   making all the knowing   fall, but not to braking it to dust….making it fall to your heart and feeling the knowing and understanding by living your true wisdom. Is a magical space that is everything, connects and where opposites are transformed, not taken advantage off…but where are seen and accepted, making them better not something else – you just watch and see, everything else is already done! You will be done when you see That Everywhere….

Sometime we might need a shock…to wake us up of running    and taking advantage even if we think is the good you do …you might take advantage in some part which is running opposite sides and this get them pissed off because you seem you know them so well and still you act like you use them against each other. Love & Peace! Namaste



Meditation speaks ….

Hello my dear friends. As I write I know that my intention reaches to all of you out there and this makes my heart so warm. Every time I write I want to send you guys something unique that comes straight from my own experience which is a little bit difficult as is my own and it comes by feeling mostly and pictures, trying then to adapt it to my own understandings having as a background my true experiences and their meanings in my life, the readings and the Great Aspiration and Right Faith that drives my Life. I use many time sentences and phrases that where spoken before but as I read and as I speak I realize that most of us are living in a sort of striving for understanding. As I see it is that we were involved in a world which was focused more on the outside world, the senses, and forced to see in everything a meaning, a result, a resolution…we put thing together and solve problems. We were a problem focused children’s :))) . We understood so well that after Spring comes Summer and after the Fall’s come. We know that the leaves are green, we know that the Sun goes up in the morning and the full Moon rise the waters…but we forgot to feel it. Thru the practice of meditation we start to feel all the knowledge, all that we know goes down to our sweet heart, the One that feels. And here is where all the fun start my dear friends. By mediation we go down in our heart first and all that is not true in our minds get’s dissolved in our hearts which cannot bear lies…the heart is love. Even when you lie your heart start trembling in a way screaming at you to stop and feel the love, feel your love and speak the truth!

By practicing meditation you start to sculpture your true being and another type of wisdom start to be discovered the One that drove you all this time and the One that nobody told you about. They created stories, poems, religions and even movies. Is the wisdom which cannot be taught by any mean thru others, it cannot be written or even spoken because what words are those which strive to fit the Unseen One? By practicing meditation you allow the true you to get shaped and formed by unseen ways which are the true ways. And here is the moment when great changes come because by time you will get more and more aware of the place you are and as the Earth creates new earthly heavens by striking earthquakes as well you will change you reality. Until you will be able to see the Light you need to get prepared by the Light and this is why this wisdom cannot be taught because my dear ones you came from Light here to forget and is you own duty to remember. NOBODY can remember for you, imagine how can someone remember for you your own true Self, the original creation from the Source as you…The Source created Himself as you for you from the infinite forms available with your own true knowledge. Nobody can do that for you or save you in some way. Is you own way, the unseen way but the way that can be felt and lived by you.

There are many voices in us, these voices say many things but can be seen as good or bad now. The ones that lift you and the ones that brings you down. Without meditation we have no observation over them and as the world is, some things can be now good and tomorrow bad..the wheel keep on turning and we are not able to see clearly if we do not “detach” and observe by heating them in the fire of our own heart. We will feel that we do not have any power even if we impose like a maniac.We can have plenty of success on any parts of our life but still feel miserable and don’t know why. The why is because most of the people did not learned to listen the true voice, the voice of meditation..the Voice of your Heart. You see, meditation can show you many truth and you do not need to go anywhere, it comes to you as you dwell in silence and observe your own mind, your own thoughts. But mostly is very well if you try to feel yourself the presence that you are, by closing your eyes you feel your body, being aware of your breath and get used with yourself, you hide many many treasures that no money can buy and no great teacher can teach.

I got this realization few days ago while I was discussing about the positive and negative voices and right away I got struck with these tons of feeling’s of love by feeling this voice of meditation saying to me that this is the true voice, the voice that brings to people intuitions and visions, the feelings and thoughts that comes to you and least expect and makes you take a decision in an instant that saves your life or of another. The Voice of you that calls you back by any means possible, first to see yourself and forgive yourself..then the feel yourself and then to see your True Self. It takes patience and courage to be yourself, you need to forget about anything that you have been learned and to be able to taste of what you have been led to see as loco/crazy :). Express yourself …and by meditating you will. True magic will develop and you will be the True Alchemist of your story which will transform the carbon based DNA in Light ..the lead into gold!

May these words serve you and guide you to yourself. Namaste !

Cand sus cand jos..

Cu totii experimentam viata si probabil observam ca nu tot timpul suntem la fel de optimisti, pozitivi sau entuziasti..oricum ai spune-o este starea aceea ce te tine sus si tare indiferent de cati si cate ai in jurul tau. Este o stare naturala pe care cu siguranta toti e traim .. dar ce este aceasta putere miraculoasa ce pur si simplu pare ca spulbera orice bariera a oricarei zile si situatii. Sunt tot eu dar ce face ca aceasta calitate sa se faca prezenta in viata mea si a fiecaruia. Este clar ca este naturala si ca nu trebuie sa “faci” nimic special sa observi dar cum putem face sa o traim cat mai mult pentru ca este ceva ce fiecare om doreste sa fie. Oricat de orgoliosi am fi sa aratam ca noi suntem puternici, este autoritar sa tipi..sa iti faci simtita prezenta ta cuceritoare prin multe “acte” de superioritate sau poate ne place sa ne facem simtita prezenta prin forta si prin placerea oarba de a contrala oamenii. Oricare ar fi calea ta, orice actiune, orice incercare trebuie sa se termine ..esti multumit de ceea ce se simte dupa? Orice lucru facut se poate si se va face mai bine deci nu trebuie pusa baza in ceea ce faci ci mai bine in ceea ce esti. Lucrurile se pot face si fara tine sau fara mine, uneori chiar mai bine dar prezenta noastra nu se face si nici nu se termina.

Vedeti voi de multe ori ni se intampla lucruri si nu ne dam seama abia dupa ce deja s a intamplat. Cand sus cand jos este un carusel al vietii si este o stare normala a vortexului vietii si cand nu este inteles, cand este interpretat total eronat te face sa te simti inconfortabil. Nu exista rau sau gresit exista experiente ce ne face sa ne descoperim iar cand nu esti invatat sa iti observi viata cazi si mai tare pana renunti la tot si renuntat te regasesti in acest moment de renuntare se creaza un spatiu in care tu alegi sa observi si sa reflectezi asupra vietii. Este asa de evident pana si intr o simpla cearta ne vine sa lasam tot si sa plecam. De ce? Pentru ca totul este gresit inteles…daca doar ne-am opri din a vedea doar propriile noastre puncte de vedere, alea noastre nevoi si placeri am putea face loc de discutie..de intelegere! Fiecare moment ne vorbeste daca doar am asculta. Contrastul sau ceea ce am fost invatati sa numim rau, greu …dureros sau suferinta este doar prilejul de a creste si de a intelege mai mult din viata si din ceea ce esti. Dar aceasta intelegere nu vine din carti si din universitati, nimeni nu o sa iti spuna ca adevarata intelegere vine din tine si doar din tine…dar nu vine prin explicatii..nu vine prin argumente…vine in liniste si cu pace si trebuie ascultata pentru ca este precum o poveste spusa de intelegerea ta iar prin meditatie ( adica prin pura observare fara un pic de judecata orice stare, orice gand dureros sau suferinta isi arata adevarata invatare) aceasta intelegere se rafineaza, nu incerci tu sa faci nimic ci adevaratul inteles se desluseste in inocenta ta.

O data ce ne hotaram sa practicam meditatia este o mica invitatie a Universului de a se salaslui in tine. Se creaza acel spatiu sacru in care tu iti permiti sa iti simti pura ta energie si sa iasa ceea ce nu ai cunoscut probabil niciodata. La inceput va parea greu pentru ca nu am fost invatati sa avem rabdare si mai ales nu am fost indrumati sa vedem ca adevarata schimbare vine in clipe de liniste si cand aparent “nu faci nimic”,dar cu timpul vei realiza ca esti un mare maestru al vietii tale, ascundem cu maiestrie Adevarul din noi doar pentru a Il redescoperii. Vei observa si viata iti va arata tot ceea ce n-ai vazut pana acum si totul incepe cu tine..iti redescoperi trecutul si il vindeci cu intelegerea ta. Iti vei redescoperi prezentul si valoarea sa si valoarea gandurilor tale fata de el. Valoarea gandurilor tale despre tine este foarte importanta. Dar doar prin meditatie poti experimenta ce inseamna toata aceasta poveste..pentru ca desi suntem multi in viata ta Tu esti doar Unul, unul ce imparte cu toti – invata sa imparti.

Acum experimentezi meditatia si creezi spatiul sacru in jurul tau in viata ta unde esti liber sa traiesti adevarata ta pace. Locul unde vei crea tot timpul din lume – nu uita : noi nu avem timp ci cream timp – Cream timp prin ceea ce facem atunci cand facem sau nu facem! Doar simtindu-ti a ta pace interioara vei tranforma toata viata in dans si sarbatoare. Vedeti voi noi suntem pura lumina si un Soare de Pace si Caldura, odata retraita viata ta interioara, doar pentru o clipa aduci dansul in orice clipa. Devii dansatorul vietii tale in care orice clipa este doar darul tau si tine doar de intelegerea ta. Nimic nu te raneste mai mult decat te ranesti singur prin interpretarea data. Adu ti aminte cine esti si traieste asta in liniste pentru ca nu ai nevoie sa tipi ..lumea simte chiar daca fuge de acest fapt. Adevarul se simte, frumusetea se vede si se simte…bucuria ta va lumina si vindeca lumea! nu trebuie spectacol, vedetele au nevoie de spectacol ..vedetele pline de ceea ce nu sunt iar tu..tu esti un erou iar eroii nu au nevoie de makeup. Be your superhero NOW!

Cu pace si iubire! Namaste /\